| is a popular Robux generator service. Its existence is beneficial for Roblox game players seeking fast Robux. This website is claimed to be capable of providing its visitors with free Robux.

While you can obtain Robux instantaneously by attempting to use the website, we still recommend purchasing Robux in-game or via the official Roblox game website. Because obtaining Robux using an online generator site is not advised by the Roblox game developer.

Many of you Roblox game players are probably asking whether or not the website is a hoax. Is the site able to generate Robux for free? If you’re extremely inquisitive about the website, you can visit it first. After that, and only then, can the truth be established?

How do I use the 

  • To begin, navigate to in your browser.
  • Once in Delatatok, log in with your Roblox username.
  • Select the platform that you wish to use.
  • Continue and wait a few moments for the Robux number selection option to display.
  • Choose the number of free Robux you desire.
  • Claim the Robux and wait for the free Robux to be verified.
  • Complete human verification.