Lemuro Net Worth: The Lemuro lenses are compact enough to fit in a pocket and securely fasten with a few twists to the screw-on mount of the case. No worries about getting them properly centered.
The design is Italian, and the optics at Stuttgart are German, precision engineered. They use blue high definition multi-layered glass and feel quite substantial. To securely attach to the case, the lenses use a screw mount and can be used interchangeably with the wide angle or telephoto lens of an iPhone.

Lemuro Lens Net Worth 1
Lemuro Net Worth

As part of the Lemuro system , multiple lenses are available, which currently include Wide, Tele Portrait, Fisheye, and Macro. Each lens is available in a choice of black or silver anodized aluminium, and each comes with a cloth carrying bag and lens cover. Prices start at $94.

These case models are available in various colors and finishes, including glass, light and leather, for iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhoneX / XS, and soon for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Lemuro also sells many products including bags and straps and additional lens caps and belts.

Lemuro Lens Net Worth
Lemuro Net Worth

European Style

With an integrated lens mount, Lemuro uses the approach of a custom, minimalist smartphone case. The firm offers a selection of cases designed in Milan, offering various stylish materials and colours (including my review unit’s Tangerine leather). As well as a TPE protective bumper, suede lining, and an integrated lanyard hook, these cases feature an anodized aluminium lens mount for durability.

Lemuro Lens Net Worth 2
Lemuro Net Worth

The case looks more stylish than functional; while offering basic protection it is slim and light, the bumper is grippy, and holds the lens securely. Prices vary slightly, but start at about $355 according to exchange rates.

Lemuro Net Worth

Apple’s iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has a pretty good camera, great if you’re lucky enough to own a new iPhone 11 Pro, but it’s still limited by what the engineers of Apple can fit on the back of the phone within a (relatively) small bump. Add-on lenses are a great way to upgrade your iPhone photography game, offering features that bring it even closer to the quality and flexibility of the DSLR. Without having to lug around a DSLR … I reviewed the Moment add-on lenses last year, and I’m looking at Lemuro ‘s offerings this time around.

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Lemuro Net Worth

With multi-element blue-coated glass, Lemuro’s detachable lenses use German engineering for precision optical quality. The lenses are housed in anodized aluminium bodies designed in Milan, available in silver or black options. For storage and carrying, each lens comes with a protective lens cap and a microfiber bag.

The lenses fully support the iPhones with dual-camera. Thanks to screw-on bases, attaching them to the case is a breeze. Just put the lens on the socket, twist it until it tightens and you’re all right to go.

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Quality add-on lenses such as those offered by Lemuro are not as good as having a DSLR, but they seriously upgrade the camera(s) capabilities of your iPhone. They offer enough flexibility that you might choose to leave behind the bulky DSLR and instead put a lens or two in your pockets. Although a teleportrait lens, wide lens, and case will set you back significantly less than most entry level DSLRs, an investment is involved. The Lemuro lenses are high quality, built to last, and you just have to buy a case to fit the new model, and they can also be transported to your next iPhone.

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Lemuro Net Worth