Stefan Salvatore: Stefanie Rose Salvatore on Legacies is a repetitive character just as a visitor character on The Originals. Stefanie is Damon Salvatore’s undiscovered witch little girl and Elena Gilbert; Jenna Salvatore’s more youthful sister; and Sarah-Lillian’s more established sister, and Grayson Salvatore’s more seasoned sister.

amazing Stefan Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore

Biographical information of Stefanie Salvatore:

Full Name: Stefanie Salvatore

Home: Mystic Falls, Virginia, U.S.

Status: Alive

Physical information of Stefanie Salvatore:

Gender: Female

Eye color: Blue

Probability of a Stefanie Salvatore Appearance :

Stefanie Salvatore 2
Stefanie Salvatore

Stefanie Salvatore: Fanatics of the show Legacies have been asking since the season’s start in the event that we would get to really meet Stefanie Salvatore in this timetable. The little girl of Elena Gilbert and the now-human Damon Salvatore, Stefanie is a fan most loved to be presented in the new season. Since Legacies is truly only a Vampire Diaries and The Originals turn off, it would bode well to add her to the cast.