Niana Guerrero Age 2020: Entertainer in social media, with more than 9 million Instagram followers and 150,000 Twitter followers. She is also a dancer and actress, alongside her brother Ranz Kyle, known as one half of the Ranz and Niana dance duo.

From a young age, she had a love of music and dance, and eventually began to venture beyond her comfort zone to share her passion with others.

Niana Guerrero Age 2020
Niana Guerrero Age 2020

With their joint Facebook page attracting over 7 million followers, she and her brother have been dubbed # sibling goals.

She has three sisters, including Natalia and Chelsea, her fellow social stars. The name of her other sister is Niña Stephanie.

Niana Guerrero Age 2020

  • Birthday: 27th of January 2006
  • Nationalities: Philippines
  • Gender: 14 years of age, 14 years of age, female
  • Sign of the Sun: Aquarius
  • Also recognized as: Jose E. Guerrero Niana
  • Country of Born: Philippines
  • Born in: Philippines, Manila
  • Renowned As: YouTuber
Niana Guerrero Age 2020
Niana Guerrero Age 2020