Shanna Hogan Net Worth: Shanna Hogan, the most popular composer of The New York Times, top of the line genuine wrongdoing book, Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story, kicked the bucket after her home in Arizona, as the Phoenix New Times announced. She’s 38.

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Shanna Hogan Net Worth

Shanna Hogan Net Worth$1 Million to $3 Million

Hogan is made by Matt LaRussa, her better half of about 20 years, and their 15-month-old child, Zander. On August 27, Hogan was swimming with Zander in their lawn pool when she fell, hit her head, and was found head-down by LaRussa, lowered in the water. 

Shanna Hogan Net Worth 60
Shanna Hogan Net Worth

Zander was still discovered in his life vest and safely outside the pool, but LaRussa had no clue as to how long Hogan had been oblivious to the water. Before being taken to the medical clinic in basic condition he did mouth to mouth.

Hogan spent about seven days in the ICU but never recovered consciousness. Her family settled on the choice to give her organs after she passed on September 2,.

Shanna Hogan Net Worth 61
Shanna Hogan Net Worth